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Friday, February 20, 2015

The End

Hi everyone,

I'm truly sorry for my long absence on my blog. After Megaupload was taken down I stopped blogging for a while. Eventually I tried re-uploading everything from August 2007 (the month i started this blog) to the latest soundtrack post. During this I found out another file host dropped my account. That pissed me off so i gave up. I did very little with the blog after that. People kept commenting on the posts asking for re-ups but honestly i didn't have the energy to fulfill them since there was so many of them and i apologize for that. It was just too overwhelming. My enthusiasm for doing this blog has diminished over time. Another reason was I kept getting notices to take down certain posts so I didn't want that to continue to happen. It's been a fun time sharing music with my readers and keeping in touch with some readers that I became friends with. I will miss doing this blog but all good things must come to a end sometime. 

I wanna thank all my collaborators who worked with me on making this blog the best it could be. I also wanna give a shout-out to all my readers for the support. I hope you guys can understand my situation and not get angry that I'm shutting down. There is a forum that I'm on that has tons of soundtracks. i don't post on it. I can't reveal the name of the forum cause i don't want to bring unwanted attention to that site. Also, i am leaving this post open for comments for a couple of days. But please do me a favor please don't ask for re-ups cause I'm unable to since i terminated my account for the file host i was using and all the files that were uploaded are deleted now. I'm not trying to be a dick so I hope you understand. I will always remember my blog and be grateful for the success it had. Thanks again guys! I hope you guys will continue to enjoy listening to the stuff you got from here!

Take care. 



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August 2007-February 2015


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