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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Robot Chicken (2005-????) - Freedom Rock (Unofficial Compilation; Unreleased Soundtrack)

One of my favorite shows. This show is one of the funniest shows on TV IMHO. Check it out on Sundays late at night on Cartoon Network. It's part of Cartoon Network's adult themed series of cartoons and shows - "Adult Swim". Highly Recommended! I just got this from a fellow blogger friend to put on the blog, Thanks Cheech. Also big thank you to TheMDT, who put this dvd rip together. It's ironic that I got this recently cause I just ordered the season 1 and 2 DVD box set online for Christmas. Enjoy!

1. Freedom Rock Promo
2. Theme Song
3. Photo Gallery Music
4. Kill Bunny Theme
5. Euthanasia!
6. You Got Robo-Served (Remix)
7. Theme Song (Demo)
8. Peanuts in Hell
9. United States of Love
10. The Diary of Anne Frank
11, Godzilla on Ice
12. I, Too, Am a Robot
13. Playing With The Car
14. The Neverending Party
15. Jingle Bells
16. Michael Winslow Beatbox
17. Drama Music 1
18. Promo Music
19. Inspector Gadget Knock-Off
20. Drama Music 2
21. Harry Potter Knock-Off
22. Apocalypse Pony
23. Theme From The Six Million Peso Man
24. Six Flags
25. Lohan's Space Party (a/k/a 321 BOOM: Mega Remix by DJ Sassytown featuring Lady Godiva)
26. Morning Wood
27. Senior Mutant Ninja Turtles
28. Final Fantasy VII Knock-Off
29. 8 Carrot Freestyle
30. Monkeys in Outer Space
31. Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Beastmaster Medley
32. Rubba-Dubba-Dub
33. Li'l Hitler
34. Heartbreak
35. Michael Winslow Deleted Beatbox
36. Don't You Want a Fanta?
37. I Can Too Dance!
38. And I Love You, Cha-Cha-Cha
39. Drama Music 3
40. My Stalker/Ex-Girlfriend/Friend from Summer Camp
41. Mario's Vice City Suite
42. Theme Song (Star Wars Remix)
43. Max Rebo's Greatest Hits
44. The Empire On Ice
45. Theme From Star Wars (End Credits)
46. You Got Robo-Served (Original)
47. Outro

Total Duration: 00:56:08
Total Size: 80 MB
Encoded in variable bitrate.
Password Protected

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