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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Real Genius (1985) - The Official Soundtrack - Various Artists

Thanks to a special friend of mine for providing this. You rule pal! Anyway every 80's fan should check out this classic of 80's comedy! Val Kilmer's in it too. Cool! Note that the tracklisting is in play order according to the movie. Anyway I'm doing a experiment starting with this post. From now on whenever possible I will post the soundtrack on this blog and then post the trailer on Insomnia Video Stash (my video blog if you haven't been paying attention!). See the reason why I created that blog in the first place was cause readers voted that no videos be posted on Inferno so I wanted to post vids so I made a separate blog. Hope that's ok cause I think this is a clever way to bring in more visitors to Insomnia! I need it or I'm afraid I'll have to close the doors to Insomnia :( which would suck ass! So please support my video blog. Thanks people :D!
  1. You Took Advantage Of Me (2:38) - Carmen McRae
  2. Summertime Girls (3:27) - Y&T
  3. Pleasure Seekers (4:40) - The System
  4. The Walls Came Down (3:44) - The Call
  5. I'm Falling (3:31) - The Comsat Angels
  6. All She Wants To Do Is Dance (4:29) - Don Henley
  7. One Night Love Affair (4:32) - Bryan Adams
  8. Number One (3:47) - Chas Jankel
  9. You're The Only Love (4:06) - Paul Hyde and the Payolas
  10. Standing In The Line (3:47) - The Textones
  11. Everybody Wants To Rule The World (4:00) - Tears For Fears
Total Duration: 00:42:34
Total Size: 58.5 MB
Bitrate: 192
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VonCheech said...

i feel like were watching the same late night cable movies... this is real awesome!
is it official or bootleg?

imdb also lists this following track:

"The Tuff Do What?"
Performed by Tonio K. (as Tonio K)
Courtesy of Tonio K and Visual Music Productions

The Long Island Ripper said...

dear cheech,

hehhehhe. it's kinda both. cause it never had a albuum release as far as i know and this makes it official so yeah it's both.

i'm assuming my friend who made this couldn't get that track cause he's a big fan of the movie and knows a lot about the movie.

hope that helps. take care.

Anonymous said...

3. This may well be the most obscure, hard-to-obtain Tonio K. song of them all: A ditty entitled "The Tuff Do What?"—credited to Tonio K.—was used in the film Real Genius. You'll tear your hair out when I tell you that apparently, no soundtrack album for this film was ever released.

A clip from the song appears early in the film, just after the "President's Freshman Tea" scene. As Mitch (Gabe Jarret) enters the student union, Tonio K.'s voice can be clearly heard singing: "In case you hadn't noticed/It's the dog eating dog eating dog eating dog eating/In case you hadn't noticed/It's the cat and mouse." (Remind you of "Life in the Foodchain"?) Then the volume drops sharply, and the song continues underneath the dialogue for a couple more minutes. I hope you can impress your relatives with this worthless bit of information.

The Tuff Do What?

The Long Island Ripper said...

hey pal!

yeah my pal who gave me this soundtrack apparently couldn't find it either. But you gotta him props for putting a near definitve version of the soundtrack. i haven't seen this movie since I was a kid. all i can remember tho is Val, the nerdy kid and the scene with the popcorn lol! that shit's hilarious. gotta find a torrent now of this movie...

btw thanks for the trivia note, pal. take care.

Anonymous said...

no problo como...


The Long Island Ripper said...

lol! someone besides me uses my word. KUDOS!

and THANKS for the link to the rip pal! you made my night friend.

take care :D!

Anonymous said...

I would kill if you were able to post the Thomas Newman score!

I've been looking for it for years.

The Long Island Ripper said...

hey pal!

hmmm i don't think that's available that score. but i'll keep my eye out for that friend.

take care.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, been looking for a long time for this one!!!!

The Long Island Ripper said...

hey bro,

cool, brotha. enjoy!

take care.

Ms Boricua said...

Thanks so much!

The Long Island Ripper said...

hello ms boricua,

you're welcome :)

take care.

Anonymous said...

what's the password?

The Long Island Ripper said...

hey anonymous

my bad. i was multitasking when i reupped this and i forgot to post the password. its


take care.


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