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Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Fog (1980) - UK Expanded Soundtrack - John Carpenter

Someone requested this recently and I happened to have it. This movie is a lot of fun. There was a remake a couple of years ago. I doubt it was any good compared to this. Though I admit I like Carpenter's film, "They Live" better. I just found that film more interesting. One thing I disliked was that Carpenter used some restraint in presenting gore in "The Fog". But it makes up for it greatly in atmosphere and suspense.
This UK expanded soundtrack includes more score cues and includes a interview with the lovely Jamie Lee Curtis. I haven't seen this edition of the soundtrack offered as much as the US soundtrack on blogs so enjoy this rarity.
  1. Prologue (narrated by John Houseman) (2:36)
  2. The Fog (theme) (5:10)
  3. Matthew Ghost Story (2:49)
  4. Walk To The Lighthouse (2:41)
  5. Rocks At Drake's Bay (2:24)
  6. The Fog (3:16)
  7. Antonio Bay (4:28)
  8. Tommy Tells Of Ghost Ships (2:15)
  9. Reel 9 (11:01)
  10. The Fog (main theme/reprise) (1:46)
  11. The Fog Rolls In (2:49)
  12. Blake In The Sanctuary (7:46)
  13. Finale (1:22)
  14. Interview (radio interview with Jamie Lee Curtis) (6:08)
Total Duration: 00:56:37
Total Size: 173 MB
Bit rate: 320
Composed By John Carpenter

Elizabeth Solley: Listen, I never hitchhiked before. I just really want to be careful. Can I ask you something?
Nick Castle: Sure
Elizabeth Solley: Are you weird?
Nick Castle: Yes, I am. Yes, I am weird.
Elizabeth Solley: You are weird. Thank God you're weird. The last one was so normal, it was disgusting.---The Download Link


dragon of the blackpool said...


Another great post! I'm a huge Carpenter fan & I'm currently collecting the soundtracks to all his late 70's & 80's films, I was going to buy this but now I don't have to, hehe :). I also just got hold of the Super Tracks promo CD of "Big Trouble...", quite rare so I hear!

Btw, I don't want to be greedy & keep requesting posts but do you have the recent Varese Sarabande release of "The 'Burbs" (33 Tracks) as it was a limited edition of 3000 & I just missed out on getting a copy for myself.

Anyways, thanks again Ripper


Anonymous said...

I don't remember where I got it from originally, but I've upped the complete Fog score for you, including source music.



The Long Island Ripper said...

hey AD Vee,

thanks for sharing that pal. i posted it tonight. thanks again.

take care.

The Long Island Ripper said...

hey dragon,

thanks bro. can you tell me what the Super Tracks promo cd of "Big Trouble" is? if it's material i don't have i'd be very much interested in seeing if you can share it with us.

i think that release of The Burbs on one of my external hard drives. i'll have to check. if i don't post it within this month remind me after. got so much stuff as always to do with the blog and my personal life.

no problem pal. enjoy! :D

take care

Matty said...


Kudos for the awesome site!
I thought you might be interested in this.
I recently came across the John Carpenter Forum website and found a link to a zip file with the songs from KAB radio broadcasts in The Fog.

There's some other stuff already posted here like the main theme but if you're as anal about this movie as me, you will probably appreciate it!



The Long Island Ripper said...

hey matty,

thanks for the compliment on my blog pal.

hmm looks interesting. i'll check it out pal. thanks for the link.

take care man


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