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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Gremlins (1984) - The Definitive Soundtrack - Jerry Goldsmith and VA (Thanks Phaota!)

Back in December 2011, I posted this great soundtrack contributed by Phaota and Vinnie since the movie is Christmas related. I must have seen the film a thousand times over the years and I still enjoy it to this day. Though I think the sequel is more fun to watch. That's just my two cents though. BTW, was anyone else disappointed with the Blu-ray of the original film? It didn't have any new extras and the transfer was lacking. When I first read that director Joe Dante was getting involved in the new restoration, I was psyched. But I'm not sure if they used that new print since reviews that I read indicated there wasn't much in the way of improvement over the special edition DVD.

Unlike the previous version of the soundtrack, this is the final "Definitive Edition" that brings together all the music heard in the film that was missing from the previous share. This was finally achieved thanks to a 2011 release by Retrograde Records. So, all of the original score tracks Phaota had ripped from the Special Edition DVD's 5.1 audio have been replaced with superior versions, as well as the tracks from Vinnie's Japanese CD share. Some of the tracks have been retitled for better understanding of the music cue. There were a couple that had to be split into two tracks for proper placement of vocal songs between them. But, other than that, they are still the excellent new versions from the 2011 release, all in play order as heard in the film. Phaota was extremely happy to replace his decent rips for better ones and I know you fans will as well. With this new edition, it is purely his share now and not related to Vinnie Rattolle's former one from his blog. Phaota also added in two missing songs never released on any of the soundtracks. Those being Paul Smith's "Heigh-Ho Song" from Disney's "Snow White" and Milt Franklyn's "Rabbit Rampage" cartoon music.
  1. Jerry Goldsmith - Fanfare in C-The Shop-The Little One (Instrumental) (4:26) 
  2. Darlene Love - Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) (2:43) 
  3. Jerry Goldsmith - Late For Work (Instrumental) (1:44) 
  4. Jerry Goldsmith - Mrs. Deagle-That Dog (Instrumental) (2:20)
  5. Quarterflash - Make It Shine (4:10)
  6. Jerry Goldsmith - The Gift (Instrumental) (1:43)
  7. Jerry Goldsmith - First Aid (Instrumental) (2:14)
  8. Jerry Goldsmith - Spilt Water (Instrumental) (3:00)
  9. Jerry Goldsmith - A New One (Instrumental) (1:08)
  10. Jerry Goldsmith - The Lab-Old Times (Instrumental) (2:34)
  11. Jerry Goldsmith - The Injection (Instrumental) (2:53)
  12. Jerry Goldsmith - Snack Time-The Wrong Time (Instrumental) (1:47)
  13. Jerry Goldsmith - Gremlins On The Loose (Instrumental) (1:22)
  14. Jerry Goldsmith - Classroom Attack (Instrumental) (1:36)
  15. Jerry Goldsmith - Disconnected-Hurry Home (Instrumental) (1:01)
  16. Johnny Mathis - Do You Hear What I Hear? (3:21)
  17. Jerry Goldsmith - Mom vs. The Gremlins (Instrumental) (2:26)
  18. Jerry Goldsmith - Stripe Blows His Nose (Instrumental) (1:37)
  19. Jerry Goldsmith - Dirty Linen (Instrumental) (0:40)
  20. Jerry Goldsmith - The Pool (Instrumental) (1:03)
  21. Jerry Goldsmith - God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen [Traditional] (1:10)
  22. Jerry Goldsmith - Terrorizing Futterman (Instrumental) (1:15)
  23. Jerry Goldsmith - A Gremlin Goes Postal (Instrumental) (0:44)
  24. Jerry Goldsmith - Deagle Deagle Deagle (Instrumental) (2:18)
  25. Jerry Goldsmith - Too Many Gremlins (Instrumental) (2:04)
  26. Peter Gabriel - Out Out (6:58)
  27. Jerry Goldsmith - Blues (Instrumental) (2:14)
  28. Michael Sembello - Gremlins...Mega Madness (3:50)
  29. Jerry Goldsmith - Billy To The Rescue-No Santa Claus (Instrumental) (3:25)
  30. Jerry Goldsmith - Where Did They All Go (Instrumental) (1:35)
  31. Paul Smith - Heigh-Ho Song (1:25)
  32. Milt Franklyn - Rabbit Rampage (Instrumental) (0:43)
  33. Jerry Goldsmith - Escape-Stripe Is Loose-Toy Dept.-No Gizmo (Instrumental) (4:33)
  34. Jerry Goldsmith - The Fountain-Stripe's Death (Instrumental) (5:39)
  35. Jerry Goldsmith - Bye, Billy (Instrumental) (2:54)
  36. Jerry Goldsmith - End Credits [The Gremlin Rag] (Instrumental) (4:07)
  37. Jerry Goldsmith - Where Did They All Go [without 'Silent Night'] (Instrumental) (1:32)
  38. Jerry Goldsmith - The Gremlin Rag [Full Version] (Instrumental) (3:32)
Total Duration: 01:33:46
Total Size: 211 MB
Bit Rate: 320
Score Tracks Composed By Jerry Goldsmith
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