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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Scrooged (1988) - The Complete Edition Soundtrack - Danny Elfman and VA (Thanks Phaota!)

Here's another Christmas themed soundtrack as a present to my readers. All of the Danny Elfman score tracks have been sourced from a recent limited edition release by LaLaLand Records that Phaota used to make this complete version. Most of the vocal tracks were taken from the original official soundtrack, while others have been included that were heard in the film. This edition is a great soundtrack to listen today, perhaps while unwrapping presents. It is one of my top favorite Bill Murray films. "Caddyshack" being another. He's just hilarious and is in his top form here. I was disappointed when the Blu-ray came out and didn't have any extras besides a trailer. I try to avoid buying those bare bones releases since you can bet there will be a special edition later down the road. I just hate to double dip, but the picture and sound seem to be really good based on the Blu-ray.com review. At least we now have a edition of the soundtrack that does the movie justice.
  1. Danny Elfman - Main Titles-Terrorist Attack (Instrumental) (2:31)
  2. Robert Goulet - Silver Bells (3:07)
  3. David Kahn, Melvyn Leonard and Mort Greene - Leave It To Beaver Theme (Instrumental) (1:21)
  4. G.F. Handel; F. Watts - Joy To The World (Instrumental) (0:52)
  5. Danny Elfman - Frank's Promo (Instrumental) (0:43)
  6. Danny Elfman - Eliot Gets Fired (Instrumental) (0:47)
  7. James Pierpont - Jingle Bells (Instrumental) (1:45)
  8. Danny Elfman - Frank's Run-Loud and Clear (Instrumental) (0:31)
  9. Miles Davis, Larry Carlton, David Sanborn and Paul Schaffer - We Three Kings Of Orient Are (Instrumental) (4:44)
  10. Danny Elfman - Montage-Frank's Award and Eliot On The Street (Instrumental) (1:37)
  11. Danny Elfman - Lew's Arrival (Instrumental) (2:02)
  12. Danny Elfman - The Hand Grab-Lew's Reprise (Instrumental) (2:36)
  13. Mark Lennon - A Wonderful Life (4:19)
  14. Danny Elfman - Claire's Theme I and II (Instrumental) (1:14)
  15. Danny Elfman - Set Collapse (Instrumental) (0:17)
  16. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Chez Jay String Quartet (Instrumental) (2:30)
  17. Danny Elfman - A Horror In Chez Jay-Highball-Waiter Ablaze (Instrumental) (1:18)
  18. Danny Elfman - Wild Cab Ride (Instrumental) (1:33)
  19. Danny Elfman - Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay--Cupid's Arrow-Change of Expression (Instrumental) (1:30)
  20. Sam The Sham and the Pharaohs - Wooly Bully (2:19)
  21. Smokey Robinson and the Miracles - I Second That Emotion (2:47)
  22. Natalie Cole - The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) (3:54)
  23. Buster Poindexter - Brown Eyed Girl (3:33)
  24. Danny Elfman - Frisbee The Dog (Instrumental) (0:53)
  25. Danny Elfman - Eliot Gives Blood-Christmas Present (Instrumental) (0:58)
  26. Kool Moe Dee - Get Up 'N' Dance (4:08)
  27. Danny Elfman - Fairy (Instrumental) (2:13)
  28. Annie Lennox and Al Green - Put A Little Love In Your Heart (3:49)
  29. New Voices Of Freedom featuring Adrianne McDonald and George Pendergrass - Sweetest Thing (4:12)
  30. Danny Elfman - Toast To Frank (Instrumental)    (0:31)
  31. Danny Elfman - The Big Freeze (Instrumental) (1:23)
  32. Danny Elfman - Showtime At IBC (Instrumental) (1:04)
  33. Danny Elfman - Family Portrait-Ghost On Screen (Instrumental) (0:46)
  34. Danny Elfman - Eliot Stalks Frank (Instrumental) (1:06)
  35. Danny Elfman - Asylum-Luncheon-Crematorium-On Fire (Instrumental) (3:46)
  36. Danny Elfman - Hallelujah Chorus (G.F. Handel)-The Romp (Instrumental) (2:13)
  37. Danny Elfman - The Big Speech (Instrumental) (1:18)
  38. Scrooged Cast - Put A Little Love In Your Heart (Live) (2:04)
  39. Danny Elfman - Loud and Clear [Alt.] (Bonus Instrumental) (0:23)
  40. Danny Elfman - Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay [Alt.] (Bonus Instrumental) (0:39)
  41. Danny Elfman - Toast To Frank [Alt.] (Bonus Instrumental) (0:32)
  42. Danny Elfman - The Big Freeze [Alt.] (Bonus Instrumental) (1:24)
  43. Danny Elfman - The Big Freeze [Alt. Mix] (Bonus Instrumental) (1:24)
  44. Danny Elfman - Asylum [No Choir] (Bonus Instrumental) (0:54)
  45. Danny Elfman - Crematorium [More Percussion] (Bonus Instrumental) (1:28)
  46. Danny Elfman - The Big Speech [Alt.] (Bonus Instrumental) (3:09)
  47. Robbie Robertson - Christmas Must Be Tonight (Bonus) (4:51)
  48. Dan Hartman and Denise Lopez - The Love You Take (Bonus) (4:21)
Total Duration: 01:37:19
Total Size: 134 MB
Bit Rate: 192
Score Tracks Composed By Danny Elfman
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