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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Readers, What Do You Think?

Hey Guys,
I noticed tonight that Rapidshare is giving a bogus message when you try to download links if you don't have a RapidPro account with them. If you
are using RapidPro, then you're fine and downloads work normally. I don't know how long this crap has been going on, but it pisses me off, man. So I mentioned this to my pal Phaota and he said that he gets the message too, but he gave up on Rapidshare in December. Which is exactly what I should've done long ago. I was always hesitant cause I already had a bunch of files stored on my account with them. Phaota mentioned no one really uses Rapidshare anymore (which I kinda suspected) and that he uses Mediafire as one of his file hosts, as well as Netload and Rapidgator. According to him, Rapidgator is pretty popular these days. After he told me that, I replied that I might consider using that in the place of Rapidshare for the blog. But just 20 minutes ago, I was Googling and discovered that Kim Dotcom (the guy that created Megaupload) is finally launching his new file host called simply "Mega" this Saturday! When I first heard he was gonna launch a new locker site several months ago, I was very excited. I loved Megaupload, and as most of you might know, I used that host on here before it was shut down. Anyway, I'm trying to decide which file host I should go with - Rapidgator, Mega or another - cause I've just about had it with Rapidshare. I'm leaning toward Mega, but I'm worried that it might get shutdown like Megaupload did. We'll have to wait and see. But I'd still like to hear what my readers think cause I value your guys' opinion. I'll still use Mediafire as a alternate download server for my files. I ask if the readers who visit my blog can chime on this post under the comments section, or on cbox if you want, and let me know which storage locker site they think I should go with and why. Honestly, my readers are what keeps me running this blog. So if you can put in your two cents I'd greatly appreciate it.

Another thing I'd like to address is that I'd to apologize for not replying to the comments you guys posted on the posts for the past several months. My original plan was to get all the re-ups done and then go through the huge backlog of comments to moderate afterwards. But I might have to change that cause the comments are really piling up (over 500!) and I feel bad cause I know a lot of you think I'm ignoring you all, but I'm not. I read every comment, but I just haven't had the ambition to go moderating process yet. I will try to start doing that soon. Another thing is I'm not ignoring the emails I've been getting lately from readers too. I will get them answered soon. And finally, I am truly sorry for the really long delay it's taking for the re-upping of all the dead files to get finished. I'll resume doing that after I decide which new file host I'm going to go with. I gotta be honest, all this work is really stressing me out at times, but I know I have to be patient and that it will be worth it in the end. I look forward to sharing more cool music in 2013 and beyond, especially those custom extended soundtracks that you guys crave! Me and my collaborators have various custom soundtracks in various degrees of completion that I hope to share with you all eventually. I'm sure you guys will take great enjoyment in listening to them when they are finished


The Long Island Ripper

P.S. Go to this link below to find out more about Kim Dotcom's new file host "Mega". And be sure to check out the music video at the bottom of the page! :D


UPDATE: I just heard back from Rapidshare regarding the problem I was having with my links and they sent instructions on how to fix it. Apparently it was a permissions setting. But really is it even worth it to continue using Rapidshare? How many of you actually use Rapidshare still? I'd really like to know. Remember, your opinion counts, readers :).


cuckoo77 said...

Mega sounds like it might be the best alternative.

Haven't used rapidgator that much.

...but right now we're having a lot of problems with mediafire over at 10 SONGS, so I wouldn't even consider that one.

The Long Island Ripper said...

Hi cuckoo

Yea u might be right pal. But phaota told me that the government will probably be watching Mega like a hawk after it launches. It makes sense.

I've been using mediafire on here for a while now and haven't had any issues. At least not yet. What are the problems you're having exactly with them? I'm interested to know.

Take care.

Impudent Urinal said...

The problem is they seem to have flagged Cuckoo and regularly moderate his uploads.
Some of the others too, but mostly him.

Anthony said...

I don't know what the solution is, to be honest. The only thing I have to offer (and it's something you're probably already doing) is to provide mirrors.

cuckoo77 said...

Well, with MF we've been getting a lot of "permission denied" links that the actual uploader doesn't know about.

I have several links I didn't know were "denied" seeing as MF doesn't let the uploader know.

MF has really been doing a good job at cracking down on this stuff in the past few months. I'm happy when I find a working link.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I'd like to thank you for your continuing patience and effort, despite the many discouraging difficulties with file hosts lately.

Mediafire is the only file host that hasn't giving me any issues yet.
I'm also pretty psyched to hear about the new Mega. But I think Phaota has a point. I fear it will be shut down as soon as it launches. Man, I miss the days of Megaupload. Why don't they just leave us be?

Regards and please keep up the good work.


The Long Island Ripper said...

hey IU

shit man that really sucks. i hope you are able to find a better file host for your compilations on 10 songs. hopefully MEGA will change things.

take care.

The Long Island Ripper said...

hey Anthony,

yeah i used to use multiupload for mirros but they went defunct. i've seen a few mirror hosts but the ones i've seen i don't really like. can you recommend any good mirror hosts?

take care.

The Long Island Ripper said...

hey cuckoo

This is a complete surprise to me that MF is doing such a thing. I thought they were good and reliable. Im not sure what to do now cause i started uploading to that site only a few months ago and i don't want to restart uploading all over again at another site. but i know it's bound to happen.

take care.

The Long Island Ripper said...

hey patrick

no problem man. i love doing my blog. it's cool people like you who show appreciation for what im doing makes me enjoy blogging even more.

yeah phaota did make a interesting point. but check out kim.com now. it's looking like kim is really going all out with MEGA. as of right now it's 11 hours away before MEGA is launched. im keeping a close eye on this....

thanks again pal. take care.

Anonymous said...

Of all the file hosts available today, Rapidgator seems to be the most popular. I don't know if it's because of some "affiliate cash-back" program for uploaders based on the activity their files get, but whatever the reason, it definitely is the most commonly used.

But being the biggest does not always mean being the best. Like Rapidshare, Rapidgator has a huge number of petty irritations the service inflicts on downloaders. They are:

1.) Poor download speeds for non-paying users, in some cases literally as slow as dial-up.

2.) "Pausing" downloads, where the service will interject brief pauses into the download stream which even further slows the download speed that they're already deliberately slowing down in 1.)

3.) The "almost there" interruption. Rapidgator, more than any other service loves to torment their non-paying downloaders with this cruel tactic. This one they save for larger files where it hurts the most. A downloader will patiently sit through a slow 300-500 MB download, humoring the crummy speeds, trying their best to ignore the "pauses" that slow the download down even further and then at long last, after waiting sometimes as long as nearly two hours, the end is finally in sight. Only 9 or 10 MB to go and then it happens. A "pause" suddenly becomes permanent and the download is terminated. The file, of course, is corrupt and the entire download must be repeated with hours more wasted. Rapidgator simply ADORES pulling this one and, in all the years I've downloaded from different file hosts, they're the only ones who've ever stooped to something this low.

4.) Files over a certain size and sometimes others much smaller are available only for paying users.

5.) Overly strict content removal. Yes, copyright owners have a moral right to keep their content offline. However, Rapidgator is notorious for removing content simply on an unfounded allegation of infringement, even when the content is user-created. I've seen this several times where artists upload collections of their fan-art only to see it taken down because someone hit the "Report" button.

6.) Pop-up ads and more pop-up ads. For all their incessant pushing for users to pay for the service, Rapidgator is clearly making a bundle from all the porn advertisers that are allowed to hammer non-paying users with their manure.

7.) Ironically while Rapidgator is VERY concerned about content removal, they aren't nearly as concerned about the safety of the users of their service. They seem to turn a VERY blind eye and and equally deaf ear to complaints about some of the exceptionally pernicious malware, viruses, and trojans those porn advertizers try to load. Rapidgator simply doesn't seem to care as long as they're getting more money. Naturally, these pop-ups don't occur for paying users. (continued...)

Anonymous said...

All of these irritations are part of Rapidgator's "social engineering" program to coerce users into paying for the use of their service. Personally, I believe Rapidgator has gotten much "too big for their own good" and have taken to pulling worse shenanigans than Rapidshare ever did at a similar level of popularity.

I personally haven't experienced any problems with MF, though others here obviously have. They don't cripple their download speeds, their pop-ups are benign, and at least in my own limited experience, disabled content is MUCH less common than on Rapidgator.

To echo what others have mentioned, MEGA is an unknown entity and one that's already starting the game with Big Brother out to get them. Just because Kim Dotcom had, at one point, a fantastic file host doesn't mean his next one will continue the tradition. With all the legal problems Dotcom still has, it's entirely possible the service will be a watered-down, corporate-friendly sham and a disgrace to its ancestor. There's an obvious parallel here with Napster. To answer the question you asked... downloaders normally don't have any choice in picking the file host. Not every uploader is so gracious as to upload their file on multiple hosting services. Usually, if a downloader wants the file, they're stuck with whatever host the uploader has chosen to use.

Phil Smith 'Mr. Mix' said...

Hey buddy! Looking forward to the future of Inferno! And I've got plenty of new soundtracks whenever you're ready to receive them! Keep in touch!

Taïeb's World said...


as a suggestion & it might be the standard useful hosts:

+ % rapidshare!!!!

remember that the 2 first hosts are for free!!!
I think it's quite a great deal 'cause it's: fast, severeal downloads + unlimited storage!!! good luck pal!!!


why dont you put your files in torrents or use a ftp server that way you will not need to use a upload client and you will not have any complaints from others
exibit a: torrents you ultimately have no reason to use any pay per use service find out more at utorrent.com

exibit b: ftp no more sign up for aton of services 1 simple to use service drag and drop and more controll of your files and you can share files between blog users more efficintly

using both means torrents can be backed up by the ftp server


jake gittis said...

Keep up the good fight, my friend.

verge said...

I would stay away from MF, as said already here. They're blocking links without notifying the uploaders. So while i've been with them for years and have hundreds of files with them, most of my links can not be shared anymore, they give the "permission denied" message and if it's available on Mazon they're will be a link to them instead.

I've seen so many great blogs die in the last year. First megaupload, then they would try another filehost and that host would get scared off then another and another until the blogger quits out of frustration and the annoyance of constant re-ups.

The only site that seems to have live links still while everywhere elses' are dead, is Depositfiles. They are in Russia and they do not give a f*ck, i don't think. Might be the best move for most of us.

FilmBuff said...

Personally, I use whatever service the majority of posts I want to follow use. That was Rapidshare almost exclusively in the past, but it's been used less and less.

Netload and Filepost have been pretty good, in my opinion. I'm also using Mega, and while I don't think it'll be shut down right away, I can't discount the possibility.

Al said...

Have you ever considered Multiuploaders like www.multiupload.nl / go4up.com or something like rehost.to?

I love your blog - keep up the great work! :)

Anonymous said...

some hosting sites that used to be good would later on have some issues and become a nuisance for the public and it seems that would be the current trend right now. I'm glad you have the patience to go through this and you're not giving up on your readers and followers and that is very much appreciated. i'm a big fan of this site and i will remain always.


SpongebobMusicUnited said...

I'm none to familiar with rapidgator as I work primarily with Mediafire, and it has never failed me yet. So I would really take that into consideration. I also have a quick question for you, if you update a post with a new link or fix of that sort, how will I know, do I get an e-mail, or other notification of some sort, or do I just need to keep checking the page for updates? That would be a real bummer if that was the case. Cheers!

mw2merc said...

RiP Rapidshare

Just started using:

& Mega is up:

THX for all your work & everyone else that helps out.

Lezteer said...

Great idea dude! Good thing you have to be ready for an alternative dude. Because me too experience problems same as yours so I prepared some alternative to get away from my problem. :)

Anonymous said...

You definitely should switch to Mega...or probably ANYTHING else that's not Rapidshare.

There's some soundtracks on here that I've really been itching for lately and I considered paying the smallest amount for Rapidshare Pro just to access them.

Well, apparently Rapidshare no longer has my e-mail in their system and if I try to make a new account, it says there's been too many creations from my IP.

So, yeah, screw Rapidshare. Please switch to something else. Other than the Rapidshare issue (which I don't blame you for), I think your blog is great. Easily the best soundtrack one around.


The Way said...

Zippyshare, Uloz.to and 4shared all seem to be pretty safe alternatives. Oh, and Narod as well. You might want to look into those. Good luck!


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